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05/29/2020, 14:00:10

Somewhat similar group of beads just posted in Facebook group
TOP 5% COLLECTOR BEADS by Marc Ken. Excellent photo -- would be interested if these are same age/background.

Antique Japanese Edo beads

Jamey Allen
These are nice Japanese glass beads. It is an interesting group. However, these are not Edo Period beads—although they are routinely said to be that. They are actually made in a pseudo-Edo style, and probably derive from a small cottage industry, making nice beads for export. They were probably made in the early pre-WWII Period. I have handled and documented a number of similar groups and necklaces—so I am familiar with their appearance. The necklaces are usually graduated—which is a dead giveaway. Also, these beads are visually different from actual Edo Period beads. Jame

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