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05/17/2020, 11:34:15

yes thanks Rosanna

hope you are well!
- next week i may be able to go to my studio where the books are. i also know that the British museum has the Levin sample book but the information about its date is not reliable at all..also the Sick sample cards in the Tropen museum in Holland, i have a booklet and a disc- but no DVD player!
i think i remember that Sibylle Jargstorff shows an image of a trade display..
we will have to be patient unless someone just happens to know for sure!

anyway this project involves going over lots of bead information which is fun and i'm rediscovering stuff i thought i knew and then forgot so the time is not being wasted...

finding photos i made years ago online is encouraging, also trying to remember bead names dates, origins, etc. and discovering connections.

keep safe everyone

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