Some old Chinese porcelain beads?
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05/09/2020, 00:59:02

Hi Stefany,
You meant these kind of hollow porcelain beads? Chinese I suppose.
The Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) seems to be a sign of luck in the Chinese community. From two he other beads, a dragon and some fruit?, I donít know the symbolism.

Do you have any idea of age and origin?

I suppose they were made in a two piece gypsum mould with liquid casting porcelain clay. If enough clay has been deposited on the inside of the mold the liquid rest is poured out again, leaving a hollow inside, After some hours the leather hard clay is removed from the mould and the perforation can be made. When the beads are completely dry they get a first (biscuit) burn in the furnace. After firing the biscuit bead can be colored and get an overlay of transparent glaze and after drying again they get a second burn in the furnace.

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