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05/06/2020, 15:51:35

Over the previous five months I have been buying antique (and not-so-antique) Chinese cloisonné beads, featuring dragons and phoenixes. I have several projects in the works.

Here is a presentation of the best beads, organized as I will probably use them. But they will be added to an ensemble of antique red Chinese amber beads, to create an incredible necklace.

The single bead is one of three round tabular openwork cloisonné beads, featuring a turquoise-blue dragon on a gilded ground.

I have been showing these beads at FaceBook since I began acquiring them.


5237_ja_new_dragon_ensemble.jpg (100.3 KB)  4580_ja_turq_dragon_bd_mar20.jpg (136.4 KB)  

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