first lockdown project
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05/05/2020, 03:02:25

my lockdown necklace.
i have to explain that i am in my home, not in my workshop which is a drive away from here.
my kids strictly required me, being over 70 and at risk, to conform to the guidelines so like many others in central London i am not going out. they don't want their children to lose a granny!
before the restrictions were enforced i did manage to pick up and bring home a large sackful of mixed up sweepings, particularly findings etc and set myself the task of sorting it all out so i have ingredients and materials for when i can teach again.
so now at home i have sacks full of sorted-out clasps, split rings, jump rings, callottes, bits of gimp etc. etc. ethnic S-hooks, earring bits, all can be reused. the most problematic were the halves of screw clasps that no longer had their partners- just did not have many actual beads.

the other equipment that would be helpful of course is not only all the good beads but my extensive reference library as i'm writing something else again on the general subject of beads and not everything online is accurate by any means...
hoping the image comes across...

lockdown.JPG (87.8 KB)  

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