I rather like these....
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04/30/2020, 07:14:12

..., however, they are clearly reproductions or new beads. The strands are presented like West African beads—so an Indonesian origin would surprise me a bit. I would sooner expect them to be from India. But the beads seem to be too-well-made to be Indian. (Howver, Indian work has improved in recent years.)

Note that "millifiori" is misspelled.

The decision to place turquoise-blue or yellow bands around the ends is an unexpected choice. (Note the ends are being called "tips.") This is something seen in reproductions of ancient beads. But I do not associate it with Indonesia. I would stab at a guess and suspect Syria.

Recall that as early as 2008 (when I first saw them in Thailand) a new series of combed beads was being hawked as "ancient beads" and "from Afghanistan." I bought one at Tucson in 2019—and was told it was "made in Afghanistan"—which I did not believe. I don't know what their origin might be. BUT, noting these are also new combed beads (with feather patterns), I wonder if there is some association (?). And so I wonder if they might be Syrian (?).


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