Wednesday Cabin Fever - Small Size Venetian Lamp Work
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
04/22/2020, 19:37:48

Well I'm trying my best to find something new in my collection to focus on, that might be of general interest. Here's a weak attempt - I happened to have a strand with an unusual number of very small lamp work trade beads. So I collected together some examples of beads that are between 4.5 - 8 mm from my collection. I included an 11 mm diameter bead for comparison.

Without the larger bead in the photo, the beads could easily be mistaken for their bigger cousins!

I find the beautiful decoration on the small sized beads to be even more impressive than on the large versions. The bead makers must have had really keen eyesight!

RFSmallVenetianLamp.jpg (51.8 KB)  RFSmallMilles.jpg (50.5 KB)  

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