Rocailles- rocaille beads
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when the production of small drawn glass beads was less mechanised than now, for example in Jablonec, or Venice they were all very slightly different sizes and sometimes irregular rounded shapes so looked more natural when strung and used.
i'm just contrasting that with the exact mechanically accurate shapes and sizes of the recent beads such as Delicas which are so very popular now.
the japanese also make tiny beads that are intentionally lopsided but still identical which they call Magatama.
the older Rocailles are great embroidered on fabric for garments, on wire for 3D floral designs etc or furnishings, but used in beadwork- bead weaving, etc the effect is not uniform.
the sizes can be sorted by sifting using different meshes.
Personally i still like the slightly uneven look which seems more organic, - however the magnificent geometric constructions that Floor has been creating depend absolutely on all the beads being exactly matched in size and shape.

the french word Rocaille is related to the architectural style "Rococo":

History and Etymology for Rocaille from Merriam-Webster:
"French, literally, stone debris, from Middle French roquailles, plural, rocky terrain, from roc rock, alteration of roche, from Vulgar Latin *rocca"

so think of the term as meaning "Gravel" !

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