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03/18/2020, 03:32:01

Yes they did. For about a year, until they sold the rights to the Catalin Company—that thereafter made cast phenolic plastics.

Rosanna, in these ongoing discussions, you seem to not understand that my taking an exception to popular naming practices is based on PLASTICS MANUFACTURE.

Bakelite, as a material, was/is dry-molded from powder, requiring fillers that provide strength and also make the material opaque. And further, Bakelite was essentially an industrial material, that was not only opaque, but routinely black, brown, khaki, or mottled.

Cast phenolic plastics, once they were developed, in formula, were greatly improved over Bakelite—because the material was internally strong, did not require fillers, and was made to be either translucent or opaque at will—and could be given any color(s) for which there were colorants.

The differences between Bakelite and cast phenolic plastics are PROFOUND. And, the time between the development of one and then the other is nearly twenty years. Popular notions suggest that colorful cast phenolic plastice artifacts date from "1907" (which is not true)—because THESE THINGS ARE CALLED "BAKELITE."

I have reservations about a number of propositions included in your article. And these include suggestions that earlier experiments in producing cast phenolic plastics may have yielded beads that would be available in the market today. So you are, essentially, doing the same thing. You are putting-back-in-time an idea that is probably mistaken for the vast percentage of beads. Possibly entirely. My goal, always, is to express facts, and opinions that are reasonable and grounded in reality—and are therefore dependable generalizations.

You and I are going to have to agree to disagree. And anytime you promote an idea that I think probably holds very little water, it is very likely I will come along and say I disagree.

Minds are "changed" when people are willing to listen to reason. But my goal is actually to inform people who have not yet made-up their minds, and who remain open-minded.

If you think the differences between dry-molded phenolic plastics and cast phenolic plastics are unimportant—that is your opinion; and my opinion is different. And it remains among ideas I have promoted for a very long time—and still think hold water.

Finally, in previous dialogues, you have taken the stand that I have said 'everything you say is wrong.' And nothing could be further from the truth. Please do not assert blanket statements about me, that only serve to make me "look bad." At the least, these suggestions are unwarranted, and untrue.


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