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02/24/2020, 12:09:30

Good luck Zoe!

Use the Archive here to read LOTS of past dialogues about decorated stone beads. Many were composed by me—Beadman. Quite a few informed posts were provided by Will—who is an archaeologist who knows his stuff.

You can access the Archive two ways. The Forum shows a Pages function—allowing you to go to any page through a scrolling list. It's in the long gray menu list and always say "Page 1"—and is a drop-down menu. You can get an astounding "bead education" by starting at the botton (2005), and working your way up, viewing anything that interests you. I've done this myself a number of times, to remind myself what we have discussed in the past.

You can also use the Search function to find dialogues. I've done this so often, it's second nature for me. Select two or three keywords, select "Search Message body" and select "Include contents...." Since the Archive has a huge number of topics and threads, I begin by selecting "6000 days ago to 4000 days ago." Then, 4000 to 3000. Then 3000 to 2000. Then 2000 to 1000. And finally 1000 to 10 (or whatever). Primary topics always have a "View All" function—allowing you to open all the threads within the topic. That's a handy shortcut.

If you include "Beadman" in your search, my posts (or any that mention me) will come up.


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