Beads on a Budget - 2020
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Posted by: Finfan Post Reply
02/13/2020, 12:00:30

So "Beads on a Budget" kind of floundered this year. The staple of my collecting efforts have always been the inexpensive strands available at the African Village. Unfortunately this year the formerly $10 to $20 strands had jumped up to $30 to $60 and I couldn't bring myself to shell out that much for modern beads. Therefore I don't have much to show off this time. I started by shopping the Ethnographic room where I added to my Bodom/Akoso strand. The end two beads on either side are what I added this year. I also picked up a couple of loose Takamets.

m_IMG_1150.JPG (60.7 KB)  m_IMG_1152.JPG (66.6 KB)  

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