New Translation Tech is *Really* Good
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02/09/2020, 13:07:06

I just thought I would share my experience with Google's translation app.

For context, two of my favorite books of "bead porn" are "Chinese Warring State Glass Bead" (with forward by our own Jamey) and "Les Verres Antiques du Musee du Louvre," but I don't speak either French or any type of Chinese. But the Google translation app on my phone is giving some really amazing translations.

You just point your phone's camera at the text (I prefer the "scan" option myself) and it gives a very passable translation. Not every word is right, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the text. Anyway, just thought I would share. I've used online text translations for years, but I hadn't realized you could do it with hard-copy written materials so easily!


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