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01/21/2020, 09:37:22

I must have been editing out my comment about lace bobbin beads and did so because I thought it would add to the confusion and since you know they aren't that anyway and they have been ID'd .
Very cool find! Have Fun in Tucson. No travel $ for me this year as we are doing Renovation on a 100 Y/O house. However those of us that cannot attend will look forward to seeing Photos of what everyone shares on their return..
Safe Travels and Happy Hunting!

P.S. Answer to Not the same Beads: I was showing the beaded lace cover for a cup or a pitcher and was not trying to indicate they were the same beads- only similar Generally in concept only..

OR were you referring to the First Post pic from the V&A Museum? I only posted one photo but linked others and some of the other beads (Pinterest Page) more resemble yours. I just edited to display another of the photos from the Pinterest Link.
enough worry for one day.

also I never thought they were spindle whorls...even though the Museum possibly does.

In any event, no worries, and sorry to cause any confusion.

Bead lover, collector since Age 15, semi-retired had wholesale/retail bead, folk art, tribal art store Lost and Found Gallery for 25 yrs. in DT Greensboro, NC

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