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01/14/2020, 16:47:12

WEll I don't know how to delete this so here are what the beads are:

7 dark green turquoise heishi, mystery faceted green stone bead, Chinese turquoise rabbit bead, Navajo? turquoise chunk, worn nueva cadiz, 3 burma jade beads, Guerrero precolumbian jade bead, pearl, precolumbian beado of unknown rough stone, small white agate pendant possibly from Mali, 5 quartz/amethyst shou beads, small Qing dynasty silver lock, 4 rose quartz shou beads, old middle eastern amethyst, Islamic?? glass eye bead, some kind of vertebra? bead, old Levantine black coral bead, orange agate bead, precolumbian Spondylus shell bead, small carnelian, 5 precolumbian scorzalite beads, ancient? old world hematite cylinder, 7 preclumbian pyrite beads, and two Qing silver hooks.

If anyone can tell me more about any of these I'd appreciate it, as always.

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