Venetian or "tributes"?
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01/06/2020, 18:58:01

I bought an inexpensive group of beads that I hoped included two red Venetian "zen" beads. The group of beads is shown in the photo, along with my small collection of white on red Venetian zens. The rest of the beads in the group look like furnace wound beads from India except the two smallest beads are wood.

So I'm fairly sure that the zens are also Indian or other copies of the Venetian trade bead design. The new beads feel like leaded glass, but the surfaces are slightly more matte, and the white trails are less bright than on the Venetians I already own. Checking the holes, I found some light colored mandrel release. So not antique beads, but what would be the source?

The seller got the beads from an estate sale in Northern France.

And ideas from the bead cognoscenti?

RFRedZenJan20a.jpg (39.0 KB)  RFRedZenJan20b.jpg (39.5 KB)  

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