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01/03/2020, 19:33:09

The three beads I have (and a fourth I didn't get) were published by Robeert Liu in Ornament the early 1980s. They were said to be experimental productions—and I have seen their like very few times. And, in fact, their technique is somewhat poor—as though the canemaker may have been just learning to make these productions. I lucked out when these beads were acquired from the owner (who had passed away) and were being offered at eBay from a Bay Area seller. I think I am very lucky to have them.

Luigi began making canes in about 1995. Initially, for the use of Michel Pacielo and Andrea Turquetto—who wanted new 7-layer beads made, to sell to Africans. I met Luigi in 1996—and at that time documented his inventory (and, with his kindness, I received a reasonable sample collection). I am very familiar with his inventory from that time, to the present. And, if I were to show any of his beads I would identify them as that.

The "chevron beads" I have (and that I have documented) that were cut from solid millefiori canes, and were shaped and drilled, were bought from John Picard. It is possible that Luigi had a hand in their making—but I was not told this at that time—which was the late 1980s or early '90s. Most of these canes, that included either star or flower patterns, were Moretti canes.

Have a great 2020. Jamey

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