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12/21/2019, 14:53:09

When you get down to it, "padre bead" has morphed into a name that is applied to a broad variety of beads—none of which have anything to do with the original intent of the name. As I experienced this metamorphosis, it began when African bead sellers read the name in The History of Beads (in The Bead Chart), and decided to call any similar-appearing beads of any sort by this name. These were first turquoise-blue beads. Some wound, some drawn, many molded. But in a short time the name was applied to any color, of the same bead groups—so we have such nonsensical ideas as "red padre beads."

I really discourage any use of this name. And, until someone can demonstrate an actual padre bead, and it's actual origin can be determined, all this remains an historical challenge. (I have discussed and shown the beads that have crossed my paths, that I think warrant consideration.)

Did Germans make plain beads that resemble the general idea of a padre bead? Sure. This does not mean that they ARE "padre beads."


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