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12/19/2019, 01:00:13

Totally agree with what was already said:Czech or German
Thought about what is called Blown Mercury Glass Beads like you see at Christmas. The beads you showed look Vintage, with the interior color worn away as can happen in Color lined and also "Mercury Glass" and other Metallic-lined beads.
The fun thing is, some of the Vintage molds are still either being used or have been recreated. We see this a lot with the Czech beads in general, but with a larger variety of Colors and Finishes.
Check it out- think I found some similar in this Czech Glass Garland Bead Store:

similar bead in the "Fancy and Fantasy Shape" section- bet you could find the other(s) also:

Cool beads, Anne

Found another I think in "Mixed Bead Sets":

*Not meant to be worn as Beads- too fragile and easily broken but perfect as decorative element..

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