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12/06/2019, 22:39:31

My reply addresses the portion of this dialogue that is a subset of the discussion being pursued.

You begin by saying, "What if you took old tagua nut beads like those shown in the photo below (I assume these are tagua nut)...."

And my first point in reply is that these are not "tagua nut beads." They are composition beads from China. So I challenged your assumption. I also think that, if the beads in-question are old beads, any suggestion that they have been "transformed" from an organic material to a mineral, via lab "petrification" is extremely unlikely.

The material of Stafany's beads seem to appear organic (as from a seed or nut). But I could not rule-out that it MIGHT be a mineral or some constructed material. I will know better if/when I have an opportunity to see them.

I also challenged Rosanna's ID, suggesting these beads are "casein"—since I know they are not casein. (Because I recognize them to be Chinese composition.)

The further reply, suggesting that these composition beads could be transformed into the beads Stefany shows (even if this is an abstract suggestion), is just silly.


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