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11/30/2019, 04:30:24

I have Brain Fog for multiple reasons and could not for the life of me find the word "Combed" though I did ponder over correctly applying the word "feathered". I'll try to look up the finer nuances of Feathering VS Combing when the ThanksGiving Effect has worn off..

Hey, thanks for the info, as always. I was hesitating to really call this a "dug" Mali bead, but had unfortunately lumped it into a bag of "Old Beads", so then had no clear idea what it was or where it came from...though it Did come from the African Trade, probably mixed on a strand, and I found it interesting enough to set aside, at least (20 years ago).

I appreciate you digging through your resources as I know they far outweigh anything I could find easily..or that I might be able to fully grasp at my entry level understanding of Old Old beads. Hey I'm rather excited!

Thanks, Anne

Bead lover, collector since Age 15, semi-retired had wholesale/retail bead, folk art, tribal art store Lost and Found Gallery for 25 yrs. in DT Greensboro, NC

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