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Hi, I have been pretty quiet. Busy, travelling, beads, work, all good stuff.
Here is all the info you need to know!

4th Annual Tucson Bead Symposium, Feb 5, Sonoran Glass School

On the 5th of February, there will be another Bead Symposium in Tucson, combining the world of glass art and the history of beads. The Symposium will be held at the Sonoran Glass School, in conjunction with Ornament Magazine and the Ethnographic group. It is organized by Floor Kaspers and Peter van de Wijngaart.

This year's theme is 'A sense of place', where we connect the beads with the places they were made or found.

Nicole Anderson will speak on the production of seed beads in early 20th century Venice, which is part of her book 'The Glory of Beads' on the history of beadmaking in Venice.

Jamey Allen, a bead researcher, will give a presentation on 'The search for gold in Amber country' in which he will share his knowledge from his recent trip to Latvia and Lithuania, searching for amber.

Glass artist Kevin 'O Grady will share his passion for making chevron beads out of borosilicate glass, and he will let us in on some of the techniques he uses for these intricate beads.

Finally, Floor Kaspers will show images and video from beadmaking in modern day India. Different techniques for making glass beads, including lampwork beadmaking will be part of the presentation.

The Symposium will be at the Sonoran Glass School, 633 W 18th Street on February the 5th from 7 to 9 PM. The Sonoran Glass Art Show will be open from 6 to 7PM for those coming to the Symposium. Registration is not required. Suggested entrance fee is $5.

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