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11/26/2019, 05:20:47

These look very much like beads I know came out of Afghanistan. They have been called "goatherd beads." The story (that I do not believe for a second) suggests that Afghan goatherds, whiling away the time, pick up rocks from streams, that they think are interesting—and they convert them to beads.

Of course, whomever made up the story did not think about the fact that a goatherd would probably have no skills or equipment for drilling hard stones to make them become beads.

They were most-likely made in India. It is possible they are nice river stones. They do have much in-common with stones that might be water-worn. (I collect occasional river stones, and beach rocks, myself.)

Once again, it is helpful to understand that the movement of beads, old and recent, has truly become global. That old Afghan beads can be found in West Africa would no longer be news.


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