Volume 31 of BEADS is coming
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11/11/2019, 06:17:03

Greetings all!

Volume 31 of BEADS: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers should be printed and ready for distribution by the end of the month. It contains a variety of articles and book reviews that we hope will be of interest to the bead research and collecting communities (see below). If you are currently not a member of the Society and wish to receive this journal (and two digital newsletters), just go to the SBR membership page . You can join for 2020 at this time as well to save time and effort later on. Membership for 2019 is only $25 US for North America and $35 US for other destinations. If you just want the journal ($20 postpaid in the US and Canada; higher for overseas), visit .

With best wishes,

Karlis Karklins
Society of Bead Researchers


Evidence of Early 17th-Century Glass Beadmaking in Rouen, France, by Karlis Karklins and Adelphine Bonneau

Glass and Enamel Beadmaking in Normandy, Circa 1590-1635, by Brad Loewen

Beaded Aprons of the Coastal Peoples of the Guianas, by Michael Oehrl

Glass and Lapidary Beads at Jamestown, Virginia: An Updated Assessment, by Emma Derry

Roman to Islamic Beads and Pendants from Matmar and Mostagedda, Middle Egypt, by Joanna Then-Obłuska and Alexandra D. Pleşa

Even More on Frit-Core Beads, by Karlis Karklins

Glass Beads from Iron Age and Early Medieval Scotland, by Heather Christie

A Glass Bead Sequence for South America Based on Collections from Brazil and Guyana, by William T. Billeck and Meredith P. Luze


Nicole Anderson: The Glory of Beads: The Rise and Fall of the Società Veneziana per l’Industria delle Conterie, reviewed by Rosanna Falabella

Giorgio Teruzzi, Chiara Colombo, and Irene Mineo: La cartelle veneziane del Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano, reviewed by Stefany Tomalin

Joanna Then-Obłuska, with Barbara Wagner: Glass Bead Trade in Northeast Africa: The Evidence from Meroitic and Post-Meroitic Nubia, reviewed by Karlis Karklins

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