African Trade bead collection- need appraiser
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Posted by: Lkissee Post Reply
10/07/2019, 14:51:26

I have a modest collection of African trade beads and would like to know how to price and market them. I bought then while living in Port Sudan, Sudan at the local bead market over 20 years ago.

Most of the collection consists of singles, though I do have a full strand or two. I have a number of milefiore beads as well as some amber, chevrons, etc

I want to price these fairly for myself and the buyer. My fear is that I may have some very rare beads within this collection and sell them for several times below what they should sell for.

How much should I expect to pay for an appraisal? If you know of any appraisers in my area that would be very helpful. I live north of Orlando


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