Any opinions on these large carnelian beads
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Posted by: cn Post Reply
09/28/2019, 17:25:51

These very large carnelians are part of a large collection of stone beads I acquired. The original collector is long deceased and the story i got is that she purchased a lot of beads in Nepal and elsewhere between the 1970s and 1980s. I'm trying to figure out age and source.

The surface of these beads is very smooth. they don't look antique. But the holes are not drilled straight through. They appear to have been drilled from each end and some don't quite match up in the middle. The large silver capped bead has a very uneven hole.

Any opinions?

IMG_0767.JPG (72.8 KB)  1_IMG_0771.JPG (200.3 KB)  

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