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09/19/2019, 10:26:49

Dear Luann
It was also my question for a time when I found Arab tourists looking for these shells. I didn't know them at all. But I found that they call it Arj Al Savahil. In recent years these shells became very expensive (old ones). And you may not believe someone asked me 15/000 US dollars for a piece. I got crazy I thought maybe he is playing with me but he was hard to sell. It is not my favorite bead to collect, and I was just curious to know the price. Later I found Stony ones comes from Afghanistan. It seems African told something about their supernatural power to Arab people, and that's the reason they are anxious to buy them. New shells and Stony ones are cheap in Iran but ,old ones no. Here are some pics. In southern part of Iran and close to the Persian golf , people find old ones in ancient tombs.
Best wishes

rsz_mohre_va_angoshtar121ceeport~1507275425~1619466108226432924_1736745544.jpg (58.2 KB)  rsz_antique_irantiq~1557376673~2039745838326391747_2414874757.jpg (66.4 KB)  

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