Re: Are these Gobi agates?
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09/11/2019, 06:11:57

They certainly look exactly like Gobi agates. Gobi agate colors seem to be a bit more muted than other similar stones due to fine surface abrasion.Wetted the colors are more saturated .The pricing of the Gobi agates seems to be based first on size and sculptural interest and then on color.By watching the pricing of the two good dealers I use it is obvious that the aesthetic decisions in China use different criteria than traditionally used in the west.There are shared commonalities of course but they seem to break down with most of the very expensive stones.If you like sculptural small objects looking at their excellent ebay images is fun but be warned that the color and saturation of the pieces will not look the same in hand unless viewed with strong sunlight or strong balanced daylight type illumination.

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