Question about determining the material used for a necklace cord
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09/07/2019, 19:42:02

One of Susan Dod's consultants told her the cord used for carved bone court necklace beads like this was reeled and plied silk thread drawn simultaneously from multiple silk worm cocoons. I'm including a picture of this multi-ply thread from Susan Dod's blog on the left. On the right, is a detail of my necklace. The material used in my necklace is a multi-ply thread with fewer plys than Susan Dod's. The multi-ply cord of my necklace is longer than needed for the existing 108 beads and badly knotted. I was wondering how I might determine if the multi-ply cord of my necklace is silk? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Susan Dod's picture is pictured on the top. My necklace is on the bottom.

Susan_Dods_sild_thread_1.jpg (42.3 KB)  jrj_09062019_2.jpg (135.1 KB)  

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