Chrysanthemum stone pendant
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08/21/2019, 20:58:56

I live on an island about 30 miles as the orca swims from Victoria BC.Canadians and Americans out here are pretty dismissive of the border as we share the same northwest culture.Despite the huge size of Vancouver BC most Americans are completely unfamiliar with the wonders of the lower mainland and the Canadian "Banana Belt" on eastern Vancouver Island.Yes we have palm trees , many large ones. The shared inland sea is now known as the Salish Sea named after the Native American cultural group that inhabits the area. There are many islands on the US side of the border and about as many on the Canadian side.
One of those islands has a huge deposit of Chinese Writing rock or chrysanthemum stone which is a diorite with feldspars phenocrysts boldly spread through it. The glaciers kindly scattered it on a thousand local beaches and collecting it has becomes a very popular activity in BC. BC also has fabulous eye agates as well as superb agates and jaspers but virtually no tradition of beadmaking. This particular piece has a metamorphic alteration called sassuritization which changes the white feldspar into blue-green. Another local rock has the same alteration and is very popular with bead carvers below the border. 45mm , 8mm hole.

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