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Found this, which may help others, including myself, get a better idea of what Jamie was saying about "Lampworked" glass being associated more precisely with a Venetian glass bead making technique....and why other terms like "flame worked beads" or "wound glass beads" are more accurate for more Ancient beads that have been "melted by the flame" and wound around something resembling a mandrel, wire or core of some type.

As I understand it, once glass was melted in a hot enough heat source like inside a "Hot Volcano", Beehive type oven, or the like, the product could be manipulated at a top hot vent or opening that concentrated the temperature. Hot glass could be extracted from bottom openings and worked at the vent. Cooled glass chunks or pulled tubes of various colors could be reheated at the top vent, and beads in process could be surface decorated with additional colors there. Of course this simplistic explanation leaves something to be desired, but i hope it is accurate enough.

I am only speaking about Wound glass beads in particular. There are many other techniques and also combinations of techniques. It is fascinating and I'll be trying to learn more.

from "Art Glass Lampwork History" [Article from A Global Overview of Flameworked Glass Art" by Jennifer Frehling Zamboli and Robert Mickelson- with permission].:

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