2nd Shell bead belt Identified by Stefany of the UK bead forum as San people( Bushman from Botswanna
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08/11/2019, 07:20:59

Here today I present a second shell bead belt. Only this belt is clear around the world from the Pomo Indians of Nothern California.

When looking for information on the 1st shell bead belt Stefany of the UK bead forum correctly suggested to compare to the Bushmen belts from Africa.The beads are uniform in thickness and size and the the beads were pumped drilled and it is strung on nylon so it really could mabe only be about 50 to 60 years old. Contemporary.

She had correctly identified this belt so credit to Stefany for this lead to compare to the Ostrich shell beads of the Bushmen. Thanks Stefany.

I will post more pictures soon.

sincerely from Walter

Ostrich_shell_bead_belt_2.jpg (190.1 KB)  Ostrich_shell_bead_belt.jpg (195.2 KB)  

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