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08/07/2019, 06:39:02

Hello and good morning Stefany

These beads are for sure some sea mollusk/clam or river clam. They appear to be strung with cotton thread as opposed to some native plant fiber.

I know the thin ostrich/egg shell beads from Australia.

Please look at the many varied thickness of the beads.

I believe they could be from a variety of locations, but I just cannot find a comparison to match with. I will now try African shell bead belts on Google. Thanks for the tip.

I have googled Wampum belts/beads, Oceania shell bead belts, shell bead belts from Papua New Guiene sp??

Still looking for information and hopefully a BCN member can help identify. This belt has hundreds of hours into the making of the belt.

I will bring along to the Ethno show In Santa Fe on Friday??

If I get news I will post it.

many thanks for your thoughts Stefany.

from Walter

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