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Uranium is radioactive but the emissions are alpha particles, which will not penetrate the skin. Uranium spontaneously decays into a long list of "daughter" elements, some of which emit beta particles. Beta particles will penetrate into the skin about 2 mm (0.08") depth, so your internal organs are not at risk. So despite it's "public image", uranium is considered to be a weak external radiation hazard.

The main hazard from uranium is actually not from the particles emitted. Uranium is very toxic and ingesting it or inhaling the dust creates two bigger problems - the emitted alpha and beta particles, once inside the body, can do localized damage. It is a heavy metal and by itself is toxic in a similar manner as lead. So do not eat your beads, or grind them and inhale the dust, etc. Since glass dust in general has other toxic components, the same precautions would hold for UG beads as well, if not more. Even with these cautions, it was not considered a problem to eat or drink from UG glassware, despite the fact that tiny amounts of UG would enter your system.

Nice summaries of the hazards of particle emissions:



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