One similar disk bead on a Levin & Co. sample card
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07/21/2019, 10:42:35

I saved this image from BCN about 6 years ago. My notes say that this is from the Levin & Co.(barely visible under the title on the card), and dates from 1850s - 1870s. You can see one large yellow disk bead with rounded edges on the bottom strand.

The Picard exhibit on Pre-1900 Sample Cards show a good number of monochrome beads but only the more common tapered-edge yellow disk beads.

Because of the discussion about the use of uranium glass - I think I'll check my similar "greasy yellow" large disks to see if they were colored with uranium salts, since as was pointed out, the density on these is very high.

Levin&CoSampleCard.jpg (50.8 KB)  

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