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07/03/2019, 17:09:58

Hello Bob and the group

We were only in Katmandu 10 days. Visiting friends, I remember it was Buddha's birthday and my wife and I went out with a Russian jeep w driver and delivered 2 1/2 tons dahl and 2 1/2 tons of rice to 3 of the monastaries around the valley in 1985. what a great day.

So later we went shopping in Durbar square, and I have been collecting antiques since the late 1960's. So I wanted to go look in the antique stores around the square and found the beads in 3 shops. Was told the majority came from a road works project ( excavation )?? Then outside the shops were people selling minlerals on the square on a blanket or such and I bought several small smoky quartz qwindels.

Then I asked my friends in Katmandu to look for more only to find a few, then no more.

After Katmandu we went to Delhi Red Fort and I got some great Pumtek double strand necklaces and 4 Mizoram carnelian necklaces that have never been broken and they just glow. The Pumteks are ancient and not antique.

Next I will try to post my carnelian beads for all to enjoy.

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