Ancient Agate seal bead purchased Delhi India 1985 Comments please.
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Posted by: metateman Post Reply
06/27/2019, 19:09:19

Hello to the group
This bead is one of the last beads from the Red Fort in Delhi India purchased in 1985 from Ashook Melra.
It is a jasper/agate and in the first picture it looks like a elephant on the right hand end of the bead??
If anyone can suggest where to go to find out about this seal bead I will be thrilled for any and all information
My next step will be to get some colored clay and roll the seal to see the complete design.
I will add more pictures when I roll the seal bead.

Many thanks in advance
Walter Anderson

seal_bead_India_(2).jpg (248.7 KB)  seal_bead_India_2_(2).jpg (243.0 KB)  

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