Thank you Frank et al.! what?!
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06/06/2019, 12:40:17

Just ordered the little Raytech tumbler-vibe, a pound of small non-abrasive ceramic stuff...what looks like large tube beads?? and a pound of silicon-carbide grit 1000.

I wasn't sure what kind of grit to get, quoted Frank in Kingsly North's contact form, and the above was recommended. (Turns out the person who responded loves matte finishes, too!)

THANK YOU to everyone who responded, you helped me avoid destroying these sweet little onyx beads.

And of course, unless instructions are sent, I'll be posting again begging for instructions. Because....I'm clueless, but determined to finally learn how to do this! ;^)

can't seem to include the url but here it is on Kingsley North's website:

tumble_vibe.jpg (8058 bytes)  
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