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The famous French Artist, Line Vautrin (1913-1997), used and Registered the product Talosel- (assuming this is another spelling) which she utilized in her Jewelry and other creations such as decorative items. She was still an "energized" creative force in 1987 at the age of 75, according to what I'm reading.

Per Christie's: "She was preoccupied by boxes with mother-of-pearl covers, new experiments, and what she dubbed ‘pellimorphoses’ (surfaces or forms in resin, charged with psychic powers), just as she had once been by her Talosel mirrors or jewellery and objects of gilt bronze. Not that her commitment to one category precluded another; she developed them in parallel, investing in each her skills and poetic sensibility."
"A second chapter in her career was devoted to experiments with cellulose acetate, which she set with small fragments of mirror. It was a meticulous, fastidious and — because of the toxic fumes — dangerous medium, for which she registered the name Talosel. She moved to the Quai des Grands Augustins, opened a boutique on the Left Bank, and then a workshop where she endeavoured to pass on the skills associated with the techniques she had invented.

Her only concerns were for tactile sensitivity, subtlety of modelling and logic of form. Each object in Talosel — boxes, lamp bases, tables, mirrors — was made to a design conceived by her, yet each was unique, a singular, hand-crafted piece."

Here is a Christie's Auction page:

Pinterest has one page, at least, showing some of Line Vautrin's Talosel creations:

Hope this helps..

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