Frank (or anybody!), I found the Raytech, need more info about the ceramic media
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05/31/2019, 11:34:24

Frank, thank you for such a detailed recommendation! And rats, I already bought a second-hand Lortone, but will get the Raytec too.

Can you spell out exactly what kind of grit I'm looking for? When I got to the abrasives section and searched for "ceramic", there were a lot of choices, and I don't even know if I'm looking for "abrasive" or "polishing", and the options look like pellets....??

Here are the grits that came with my used tumbler (which I promise not to use on beads!) will any of them work??

Thank you for your patience, Frank, I don't know anyone who "tumbles" or "vibrates" except the folks here on this forum.

grit.jpg (210.3 KB)  
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