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05/18/2019, 12:47:43

Iíve just finished reading "The Glory of Beads" by Nicole Anderson and am fascinated and impressed- there is a lot of detail which seems to be gathered from thorough research about the history of Venetian/Murano bead industry, particularly the Societa Veneziana per líindustria delle Conterie. -a lively and informative read!

Nicole may be known to some of you as a trader within USA, but she has been able to bring together a huge amount of information because she also spends regular time in Venice and has been able to access business archives, contemporary photographs and social history documents and even found personal accounts of surviving family members that make it possible to bring the stories of all the processes to life, and the bigger picture both of the heyday and then the gradual recent decline of what was such an important line of production, much of it for export.
Sources of the information and social contexts are quoted and referenced.
The book is quite hefty and is priced at $65- shipping would need to be added- but itís not simply a glossy collection of images -so for me it is definitely important as a reference source. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand more about the production and processes of glass beadmaking and the lives of the families who kept the techniques of their craft skills alive and the business active over the generations.

The Glory of Beads
The Rise and Fall of the Societa Veneziana per líindustria delle Conterie
ISBN 978-0-692-88200-9

Venice 2017

To order, contact Nicole at <>

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