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04/30/2019, 18:24:24

Just got back here to Seattle...getting caught up on these posts.

Wow... Sounds like to me the person selling you these beads isn't even sure himself where these are from.
To me...(when I first saw them, I didn't know they were seed beads) and thought to myself....Hmmmm...Nice Indopac's. They are sloppy like Indopac's and the color is spot on too.
Also...It is fairly common to see the larger indopacs with beads stuck together. They don't seem to mind putting a few into each kilo they sold/traded. That's another reason that I say Indopac.
I think you may never know for sure where they came from. But at least twice now someone has said the word...Indopacific :)
As a maverick bead dude...I'm only right about 50% of the time ;)
Me....I stay away from seed beads..But yours are very interesting.
Thanks for showing them here

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