1920s Fortuny Dress featuring Venetian feather beads from "Antiques Roadshow"
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04/29/2019, 22:30:47

I was tickled to see some Antique Venetian "feather beads" on a very elegant 1920's Fortuny Delphos Gown as showcased on Antiques Roadshow: Hotel del Coronado Hour 1. The sleek black outfit dates to 1920's, and I think I counted #10 Venetian "Feather beads" adorning it! The Value of the outfit was estimated at between $15,000- $18,000. I always appreciate it when clothing designers incorporate other artistic elements such as beads and metalwork into their designs. I am accustomed to seeing these lamp wound "feather beads" in the context of Native American necklaces mid to late 1800's and not in a High End Outfit! But no matter it ALL looks fine and wonderful and these look great in context!

Antiques Roadshow. Hotel del Coronado Hour One:

ALBUM from Antiques Roadshow screen Shot- scroll down: https://imgur.com/a/DPstz9O

a href="https://imgur.com/XlV1rKK">

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