Looking Back On The A-Speo Methods Of Drawn Beadmaking
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04/26/2019, 14:35:47

I'm going to post links to past dialogues concerning the a-speo method(s) of finishing drawn glass beads, via Searches here. These are best read from the lowest entries, up, to see sequences, beginning from the main message in any thread. (The main message can be determined by viewing titles in answers, and/or seeing "View All"ówhich occurs only in a main message. And it is sometimes helpful to View All.

I have recently begun to hyphenate "a-speo" for English-language speakers, who do not quickly understand that this is an Italian phrase. It sometimes happens that people will say/think "this is a speo bead"órather than "this is an a speo bead." Using the hyphen connects the words, and hopefully makes it easier and more-accurate. In Italian, "a" means "to" or "at." A "speo" is a spitólike a barbecue spit. A long, usually iron rod (of varying dimensions, depending on where and how the work progresses), and often having a slightly tapering free end (on a heat-proof handle). So "a speo" means "at the spit." Reading the dialogues, you will see there are also two alternate terms:
"a spedo," and "a spieo."

From 2008 to 2005:

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