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04/25/2019, 02:34:31

Hello Sammi,

There is no really dependable way to date wedding cake beads, apart from generalizations. For one thing, in my opinion, only the early beads of this class are actual "wedding cake beads." The others tend to be coarser and from later times. So, not everyone agrees what qualifies as a wedding cake bead. I would guess the original beads date from the late 1800s up to ca. the 1920s. Later editions tend to have a brighter color palette (sometimes called having "jewel tones"), and often are simpler and larger. The style was revived a number of times, including recently. (There are also similar-looking beads from India since the 1990s).

Unfortunately, though these beads appear on sample cards, usually the cards are not dated. So one makes a guesstimate based on the details of the card itself. Not really helpful—but better than nothing.

Note the post from 2006 here, and the link to 2009. Jamey

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