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04/24/2019, 00:00:20

Hi Barb,
No Expert Here...I'm going to guess Vintage Czech pressed glass as well, although to really know I'd have to examine the beads themselves and the carving to see if it's hand-carved with tool marks and sharp edges and variations VS all the same and smooth as in from a mold. Examining the holes to see if it looks like drilled stone VS glass would also be helpful. And if molded will all be pretty much exactly the same.

Also, glass can be carved- not just stone. For some comparison here is an offering on Etsy of what is being called "Antique Chinese Qin dynasty carved blue Peking glass "Shou" symbol bracelet". You can see, I think, a "V" shaped groove left by the carving tool where the design was carved in some of the close-ups:

It's pretty and looks like she had some interesting pieces to pass along, which is always nice.

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