Bead sample cards A. Sachse & Co Venice
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Posted by: beadweyr Post Reply
04/09/2019, 06:35:38

This is a recent purchase that I am very happy with.
When I get home tonight I will post close up pictures of each card.
In the meantime I have some questions

The only information I was able to find about Sachse & Co came from a article written by John and Ruth Picard in 1995 which can be found here:
It seems the company was based in Gablonz and had offices in several countries and was sold in 1922 to the Societą Veneziana Conterie

So these are my question:

Is there any more information available on Sachse & Co?

Do you think these beads predate 1922?

Do you think all the beads on the cards were made in Venice?

Thanks, Wayne

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