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04/02/2019, 02:37:47

Thanks for the link Jamey!
Taking into account the time difference with the US, I wake up immediately this morning after reading all those comments in 2008. Fortunately I kept the rest of the fantastic photos to myself. I actually took into account that perhaps something had been written earlier about Chihuly and his creations and especially about his team, because he himself does not use glass blowing anymore after his accident in the seventies. Well, I couldn't find anything on BCN but it was still there, your off-topic, now almost 11 years ago. At that time I started my expat period in Ghana and then - naturally - my interest in (trade)beads followed. Yes, the responses were quite fierce at the time, but even after reading them I still find the exhibition in Groningen very worthwhile. Well then, off-topic and maybe not enough in relation to (glass) beads. I will send you a personal message. Have a nice day!


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