Hard to tell old Venetian vs. new Indonesian (Java)
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03/29/2019, 10:07:20

Hi Pere,
I posted a thread on 10 June 2017 showing Indonesian beads I purchased, next to Venetian originals.

The link to the main thread is broken, unfortunately.

Here is a link to the first post with image comparisons. You will have to do a search for Rosanna, between 665 and 655 days ago, using the search function, and you can access the rest of the photos and comments.

Reminder when using the search function - the numerical value of the OLDEST date needs to be entered first. It's somewhat counter-intuitive. So search for 665 to 655, not the other way around.

Related link: http://beadcollector.net/cgi-bin/anyboard.cgi?fvp=/openforum/&cmd=get&cG=33938393430333&zu=33393839333839&v=2&gV=0&p=

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