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The Bead Museum in Arizona (while it was still in Prescott) had a framed sample collection with all or nearly all of the Méxican "Russian" beads that were produced. (This being a fairly short-lived industry.). I suppose this is or may be now at the Mingei in San Diego. I took a photo of it. But, if I remember correctly, the photo did not turn out well. And it would be in my slide collection, somewhere. (Over 16 years, I took THOUSANDS of slides of TBM Collections. I have multiple binders full.). I wish I could say I had time to look....

Here's a short related story.

About 15 years ago I was in the Seattle area, going over a bead collection for the owner (who was not present). I began to find these WONDERFUL "Russian"-like beads—some being quite large and elegant. I initially thought they were some weird Bohemian beads with which I was unfamiliar. However, after some consideration, I came to realize that these were the Méxican beads that had circulated some years earlier.

Let's recall that the Northwest is the region where there has been the most interest in "Russian" beads. First, they were admired and worn by local tribal Indian folks. And later were avidly collected by Indian hobbyists and bead collectors. So, this is the area where I would be predisposed to expect this type of bead to be authentic, from local usage, and to not be from the African trade, nor other (away) sources. I have documented quite a few "Russian" necklaces and assemblages. In fact, I have four very good strands right now, from the Summerfield Collection (that I just showed at Tucson this past month.


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