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The more I look at the photos, I suspect it's just the bright backlighting and closeup positioning without any other point of reference as to size that triggered my skepticism and reminded me of the strands of Mexican beads that one of our local curio shops was trying to pass off as authentic Alaskan trade beads twenty five years ago...

Apart from this peculiarly specific attribution from out in left field, of course:

were traded, most probably with the Mt. Shasta Indians anywhere from the late 1700's to the mid 1800's.

It was a Russian fort! So these "Russian" beads must have been traded there! If I were making up fairy tales, I think I'd have gone with Fort Vancouver, as Lester actually dug up this type of bead there.

[Later: apparently "Russian" beads have been found near Ft. Ross, so I stand corrected yet again]

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